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Miaya Erin


 So many people ask me how did I get started with doing make up? Well, here’s the story… At 19, I was into make up watching tutorials on how to do my own face, but never did I think I would a business out of this. Years when past and life happened, I went through one of the worst times of my life!!!! It was a very dark time for me, I was mentally so sick that my body was even giving out on me. I had no energy to do the things that we people are supposed to get up and do. At this time, my brothers and mom knew it was something wrong. They didn’t rush me, but they did tell me I needed to get help for what I was going through. My mom would do everything in her power to try to get me to get well. I even got so sick my eyesight got bad. One day I decided I needed help, that’s when my life started to change.

Little by little, I was referred to a therapist, who didn’t put much pressure on me to do things I hadn’t did in months she wanted me to take baby steps in my journey of healing. Anyone that knows me knows that I keep every card that was giving to me by anyone for any occasion. I remember one day after being in bed all day my mom came home with a card, I opened and read that she had called me a unicorn. I never understood why she called me a unicorn until I asked her why. She explained to me that I was unique, w hidden treasure, that I was different that people wouldn’t believe the type of person I was. I was already super emotional, but that touched me and stayed with me, til this day!!

As months went by I told my mom I had an interest in doing makeup on other people, she immediately told me she would in invest in me I told her that on a Thursday literally that Friday she started to buy me anything I needed to build my kit. My mom said that I’m a unicorn but the truth is she’s the unicorn, going through depression isn’t easy but her and my brothers never gave up on me!! She sees so much in me& she’s really the gem!! I just want to dedicate my business to her, my investor, my biggest supporter, my mommy. We all have something in us that makes us magical & unique! We all have a unicorn inside of us!​

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